Thursday, 1 September 2011

                                            Me to You.
                            This is from the me to you cd. 
                              I enlarged 2 of the same prints
                        then decoupaged & framed.I love it

                                       Tall stories 21st.
                  Off the Glitter Girls board. I cut the key & dog
                                         on my robo.

                                           Baby Pram.
                          All girly & frilly. Cut off the cricut.
                           I cut the wheels out of silver mirri card.
                                           Red Piano.
                      I can't remember whose this template is.
                              I am sure it is Card Carousel.
                       They have some lovely patterns as well.
                                       Christening font.
                     I have made this from a Chrissie Rain craft robo
                             file.She has some stunning files

                                        Wedding dress.
                         This is from a template pattern from
                                    which was Cameo Crafts.
                 The body is card then I embossed it, I have stuck some  netting over & added some trims. This is the back &

              This has been embossed from a glitter girl board.
               I have put a nice piece of trim on for the handle
                            then cut a dog out on my robo.
                               The card is from Kan Ban.
                                       Princess Castle. 
                          This is cut on my craft robo from
                        a file. I have made it in glittery card
                I made this shoe from a cut and craft template.