Monday, 24 October 2011

                             This is a 3D book cut from robo.
                                    "treasured templates"      
                           I made mine into a christmas book.
I made this on my robo from a "treasured templates " file.
I added lace & some silver hearts extra.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

                         "Keepsake- by -design craft robo file"
    This I made up & it is a work of art. The horses actually move      around by turning the handle.I made this into a christmas one.
                                        A craft robo file.
                      This I made from a treasured template file.
        It is amazing. I added the cotton spool & material.
                              It is quite a good size as well.         
        I made this corset bag from a craft robo template from
   "treasuredtemplates".I printed the card off the me to you cd.
          The roses I made from a file off "keepsake-by-design"
                             Both sites are brilliant for files.